RELATIONSHIP Positive relationship development is the key foundation in all that we do; trust, quality communication, united vision and community interaction enabling us to advocate for transformative change. 


SAFETY Providing safe spaces and ‘teams’ away from challenging home environments or destructive lifestyle choices; places of comfort, support and challenge that are culturally relevant and locally owned.


SUPPORT Through one-to-one, group work and mentoring.





FUN Utilizing the arts, sport and adventure based learning to increase confidence, instill laugher and capture moments of joy.


PARTNERSHIP Increasing possibilities by working in partnership with other agencies, businesses, schools, charities, churches, etc.


EDUCATED CHOICE & PERONAL DEVELOPMENT Encouraging personal and collective growth through opportunity, the development of life-skills, education and training.


RESIDENTIALS & TRIPS Using expedition to build confidence, increase aspiration broaden worldviews, whilst developing practical and life skills.




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