VOLUNTEERING If you are interested in becoming
a re-establish volunteer, please download the form here. 


DONATIONS All the projects and activities that we run are not possible without financial support to make this a possibility.  Would you be willing to financially back what we do – either through a one off donation or monthly giving?  I know that we are all in very different financial situations but every little bit really does come together to make a huge difference, so whether you are able and willing to give –be it 50p or £50
a month, £5 or £5000 as a one off donation it is hugely appreciated and will be used well.  The most convenient way to give is by regular standing order.  Regular giving and long-term support is fundamental to the stability of long-term transformative change. Please download the standing order form or click on the paypal donations link below.




We are currently set up as a non for profit limited company and are in the process of applying for charity numbers. Gift aid is not possible until charitable status has been given. Gift aid will then enable us to claim an extra 25p for every £1 given back from the HM Revenue & Customs for all supporters who are UK tax payers.  Once we are able to apply for charitable status we will also create a giving page through JustGiving.com


FUNDRAISING Would you be willing to get involved in a sponsored event or a fundraising activity to support the work that we do?


SKILLS Would you be willing to offer support to those who could learn from your own experience?  Would you be willing to give your own time, utilising your own skill set – video editing, driving instructing, social media etc? Would you be interested in mentoring or providing printing, equipment or clothing for activities and events? 



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