A quarter of all children in Leeds, live in the most deprived areas of the city, along with 18% of Leeds older people.
Low qualifications, high unemployment, poor housing environments, minimal opportunity, and a huge lack of aspiration are all contributing factors to significantly shorter lives. Lack of education and misunderstanding between cultures are complex and deep issues. 


There is a huge need for change in the midst of the ‘underworld’ where drugs are prevalent and violence is pervasive, where a high number of young people are sexually active at 12, and high on cocaine by 14.  Trapped in a world of limited aspirations - because seldom have they ever been given the opportunity to see, that they are valuable and that daring to dream of an abuse free, prison free, drug free, benefit free life, might just be available for them.




Here lies the conflict of ‘estate’ where there is so much grey.  Community; longing; to be loved, safe and accepted; to play an important part in the world, in their world, the irreplaceable role of themselves:  The spiral and robbery of abuse and deprivation will only ever get worse without investment, opportunity and hope. 


We all need people to journey with us – relationship built on the heart of community.  Transformation comes from the inside out, but sometimes it has to start from the outside in.



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